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About DIBS

What DIBS Does

DIBS initiated their conservation program for neotropical migrant stopover habitat in 2000 with a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF). Since that time, with the continued support of NFWF, other foundations, and thousands of private donors, DIBS has acquired 55 individual parcels comprising approximately 16.5 acres of critical habitat.


what we're working towards

Preserve and maintain a network of quality stopover habitats.

Conservation -

Work with government and other agencies to ensure a balance between human land uses and conservation.

Advocacy       -

Educate landowners about practices that strengthen the island's unique ecosystem.

Community Engagment -

Promote the economic value of ecotourism by attracting more birders to Dauphin Island.

Ecotourism    -

Current Projects

There are approximately 40 undeveloped acres on the island which are crucial for sustaining migratory bird habitat. DIBS is presently targeting these properties for purchase. These include the Tupelo Gum Swamp (11 acres), the Gorgas Swamp (6 acres), and the Steiner properly (12 acres). In addition, there are other lots scattered mostly on the eastern end that contribute significantly to the island's quality habitat. Although some of these lots suffer from lack of maintenance or invasive species intrusion, they are still considered invaluable in providing diverse shelter and food opportunities for migratory and resident birds.

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