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Get Involved

     If you are inspired by our mission to protect and preserve habitat for the birds on Dauphin Island, you can get involved by volunteering. From guiding or assisting with field trips, to hosting the DIBS information/sales booth on the island, to repairing fences and boardwalks, to removing invasive plants, to sharing bird photographs, to participate in property clean-up events, there is a place for you to make a difference on Dauphin Island. Volunteers often work on an as-needed basis in the spring and fall when DIBS events are most active. You can contact DIBS through email- indicate the skills you have that can be shared with DIBS to create a better environment on Dauphin Island.


Here are some examples of more recent “Volunteer Activities” on the island. Often these volunteers identified a need and stepped up to create a better birding environment on the island. In some examples, DIBS was able to provide project materials and in other instances, the volunteers took care of all the project’s needs. Sometimes the experience was big and sometimes it was less than big. Regardless, the island’s bird habitat has been improved and Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. salutes and honor our outstanding volunteers.

All About the Birds

Participants - Don & Dena McKee and Island Residents
Location - On the Dauphin Island roadsides
Dates - Spring 2018-2021

For the past four years, Don and Dena McKee, DI residents and dedicated DIBS volunteers, have distributed “All About the Birds” signs to interested island homeowners who are willing to put them on the roadside of their property. Don and Dena have worked with the Town of Dauphin Island council and mayor’s office which agreed to postpone spring mowing of the right-of-ways in front of homes that display the “All About the Birds” signs. Buntings, grosbeaks, and other seed eaters benefit from the seeds produced by the blooming wildflowers, especially the Lyreleaf Sage and the beauty of the birds in the wildflowers entertains all!

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