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ABS Exit Lot 5.JPG

Protected Places

Exit Drive Lot of Audubon Bird Sanctuary

The very first property acquired by Friends of Dauphin Island Audubon Sanctuary (FODIAS), later renamed Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. (DIBS), was the lot adjacent to the one-lane entrance/exit to the bird sanctuary. This acquisition allowed the enlargement of the sanctuary parking area and the creation of the exit road thus greatly improving the traffic flow.

Purchase of this lot and additional assistance with environmental issues within the Audubon Sanctuary over the years demonstrated the commitment of the FODIAS-DIBS to the care and protection of valuable undeveloped habitat for birds on the island.

Several fallen pine trees in the exit lot near Bienville Blvd. blocked access to the Audubon Sanctuary after 2020 Hurricane Sally. DIBS assisted with the removal of the trees from the roads and planted tree Bald Cypress trees in that location. Watch for their rapid growth over the next few years!

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