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Protected Places

Steiner Block

The "Steiner Property" is a parcel that was left largely untouched because the Steiner family chose not to develop it during the island's expansion boom of the 1950s. This 12-acre area of critical habitat stretches from the shore of Dauphin Island Bay to Bienville Blvd. On the north side of the Steiner Block, a splendid salt marsh populated with black needle rush provides good habitat for wading birds and waterfowl. Pine and oak trees populate the upland habitat and are particularly attractive to migrating and native birds since there is minimal development in this area.

DIBS has several holdings in the Steiner block that are protected in perpetuity. Two areas facing Grant Street (the Ani"and the "Porter" lots) have trails maintained by DIBS and birders are encouraged to enter these properties. The Diana and Tram Sessions Foundation Lot, gifted to DIBS in 2009, is the strip of salt marsh closest to Grant Street. 

In 2022/23, intensive efforts were made to purchase and protect as much of the remaining property as possible within this mostly undeveloped area. DIBS was able to acquire and protect all but two parcels within the Steiner Block thanks to the valiant effort of the Town of Dauphin Island and a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation/Gulf Benefit Fund Grant.

Porter Lot

Sessions Marsh Lot

Ani Lot

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