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Protected Places

Shell Mounds Buffer Lots

Indian Shell Mound State Park is located on the northern shore of the island and is maintained by the AL Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Maine Resources Division. This 11-acre site is populated with live oaks and other native vegetation. The slight elevation of the mound provides a refuge for migrant birds seeking shelter and food. Birds often drop into the fresh water "drip" which DIBS manages in the western corner of the park. Paths that meander throughout the park provide good access to the wooded areas for birders and other visitors. DIBS maintains several boardwalks in the park which provide dry passage over wet areas. At the entrance, DIBS maintains a kiosk which allows listings of bird sightings in spring and fall migration as well as informational brochures and bird lists.

In the spring of 2001, DIBS purchased four lots adjacent to the west boundary of the park, near the "drip" water feature. In 2010, an additional four lots were purchased on the south boundary of the park, facing Iberville Drive. These buffer lots enlarge the footprint of the wooded area of the park and provide additional birding opportunities as well as protected habitat for the birds.

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