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Protected Places

Tingley Lot

Located on the south side of Hitchcock Place off Hernando Street, a wooded lot was gifted to DIBS in 2021 by the Tingley
Schires family to honor the memory of Bonita Tingley, a beloved mother and wife. The family wanted the property to be
preserved and protected in perpetuity, so DIBS is working with a land trust organization to establish a conservation
easement on this lot.
While not contiguous to our other properties, the Tingley lot’s location is close to the Tupelo Gum Swamp and provides a
protected stepping-stone for birds moving through this area. A sign marks this DIBS property easily from the road. As yet,
cleared trails have not yet been established but a bench is nearby, and the front of this quiet lot is passible to the intrepid
birder. Watch out for poison ivy.

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