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Protected Places

Tupelo Gum Swamp

The "Tupelo Gum Swamp" is an 13-acre swath of wetlands hidden among several dead-end roads south of Bienville Boulevard and bordered by Iberville Drive and Hernando Street. The swamp is located in the center of the widest part of the island and contains substantial wetland habitat that includes many tupelo (or black gum) trees. The swamp is located just inland of the main due line on the island's south side and is bisected by a 10-foot-wide public access right-of-way.


This irreplaceable area was targeted for conservation by the founding members of DIBS in the 1990s because of its unique vegetation and prime wetland habitat for migrating and native bird species. Far-sighted DIBS members envisioned the development of a birding trail along the right-of-way and began to secure property in this area. Currently DIBS has successfully acquired 12 properties in this prime area through gifts and purchases. More lots need to be secured in this area.

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